Men’s junior varsity basketball team opens season with win over Zionsville

Aniket Biswal

The men’s junior varsity basketball team won their opening game against Zionsville on Nov. 26 by six points on the road.

According to Lucas Lemme, men’s JV basketball player and sophomore, the team struggled in the first half, but was able to get back in the game and eventually win.

He said, “In the third and fourth quarters, we picked up our defensive intensity by stealing the ball many times which led to us scoring a lot. However, I feel like our first half lacked that defensive aggressiveness which is why it was such a close game.”

Head Coach Josh Cole said, “I would like to think that there were some first game jitters in the way we started the game, but I can’t say for certain until we play a couple more games. I feel like we could improve in every aspect of the game, especially rebounding, communication and toughness.”

Lemme added that he felt the JV team should come out of the locker room aggressive and should attack the ball from the get go. Cole agreed and said he wants the team to improve as a whole so that they can challenge the varsity team at practices and play better in following games. By Aniket Biswal