Senior Clizia Martini drinks bubble tea.

With National Bubble Tea Day on April 30, students discuss significance, history of bubble tea in Asia, United States

Michelle Wan and Jasmine Zhang April 28, 2022

Originating from the 1980s in Taiwan, bubble tea quickly became a favorite and classic in Asia. It did not take long for its popularity to spread to Japan and Korea in the 1990s and to the Western hemisphere,...

Junior Aleen
Zhao practices
her lines. She
said while
she thinks
progress with
has been made,
there is still a
long way to go.

With Chinese director Chloe Zhao becoming the first woman of color to win the Best Director Oscar, students in “Mamma Mia: The Musical” reflect on Asian representation in media

Pallevi Pillai April 30, 2021

The Oscars made headlines this year for its diverse nominations, particularly for those of Asian descent. Steven Yeun, nominated for his performance in “Minari,” is the first Asian American to be nominated...

Asian American Hate: Are we really un-American?

Asian American Hate: Are we really un-American?

Chloe Sun April 24, 2021

To read a column about Asian American hate click here.

Students should not lie about race on college applications in order to receive advantages

Sowmya Chundi January 23, 2020

This past October, as part of the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal, Marjorie Klapper was sentenced to three weeks in prison for falsely claiming her son was African-American and Hispanic...

Students, counselors reflect the Harvard Affirmative Action Case

Viyang Hao November 6, 2019

Earlier this year, a group of Asian-Americans filed a lawsuit against Harvard University and its admissions office, claiming its admissions process was discriminated against Asian-Americans. The federal...

The protesters gather at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ monument before the protest. Ma said this experience ultimately helped him realize the importance of standing up for his heritage.

The Model Minority: During Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, CHS reevaluates the role of Asians in politics

Alanna Wu, Feature Reporter May 18, 2017

Last year, thousands of Asian-Americans across the country gathered to voice their dissatisfaction over the conviction of N.Y.P.D. officer Peter Liang. Among them were Asian-American and sophomore Eric...

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