Kyle Barker, associate director of choirs, plays the piano during a rehearsal. Barker said he hopes that this musical will target a different audience.

Bring It On!: Spring musical targets high school audience, makes adaptations from original version

Grace Xu March 22, 2019

For this year’s spring musical, CHS will take the contemporary route by putting on the show “Bring It On.” The show centers around Campbell, who is the cheerleading captain of an affluent...

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns prepares a program on her computer in her office on Jan. 22. The program was for a concert being held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

Choirs prepare for Auditions, Choral Showcase

Josie Cruzan January 31, 2019

Students from all of the choirs except Counterpoints and Expressions recently went on the Applied Music trip to New York City, getting back on Jan. 21. In addition, the choirs are currently in audition...

Junior and Festival orchestra, Catherine Qing, joins the class during their warm up exercise. Qing said she enjoys being a part of such an experienced ensemble.

Orchestra members prepare for February events

Amy Zhou February 15, 2017

According to Maggie Hite, one of the three orchestra directors, orchestra members are currently in the process of auditions for next year.The orchestras were handed audition music about a month ago...

The cast of “Romeo and Juliet” plays amoeba tag as a warm-up for their rehearsal. The show runs from Feb. 11 to 13 and tickets can be purchased starting Jan. 13. NYSSA QIAO / PHOTO

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Auditions: How to handle the toughest part of the process

blogs February 24, 2016

With auditions for “Godspell,” the spring musical, coming up, auditions are something on many student thespians’ minds. As an actress, I have attended many successful and not-so-successful auditions....

Brad Davis, CHTV member and senior, works on sports announcements and writes out outlines during a CHTV SRT on Jan. 21. “What do I do for CHTV? What do I not do,” Davis said. “CHTV makes me happy inside. NATALIA CHAUDHRY / PHOYO

CHTV to appoint new anchors, expand channel

Beats January 26, 2014

According to CHTV sponsor Courtney Qualls while the show segments are to remain the same, new anchors will be selected for the morning announcements based on auditions that are to be held in the...

Annual talent show to feature variety of acts

entertainment September 19, 2012

Auditions for the annual Talent Show will take place on Sept. 26 and 27 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium, according to Jim Peterson, drama and film teacher. Sophomore Kristina...

Students prepare for upcoming choir and musical auditions

Beats February 2, 2010

According to choir director Ann Conrad, auditions for next year’s choral groups will be held from Feb. 4 to Mar. 5 in the auditorium. Students interested in choir auditions should contact Conrad or performing arts...

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