Orchestra members prepare for February events

Junior and Festival orchestra, Catherine Qing, joins the class during their warm up exercise. Qing said she enjoys being a part of such an experienced ensemble.

Amy Zhou

February 15, 2017

According to Maggie Hite, one of the three orchestra directors, orchestra members are currently in the process of auditions for next year.The orchestras were handed audition music about a month ago to prepare to test into a higher orchestra next year. In addition to auditions, class time is also...

(Per)forming New Groups: Orchestra and choir alter programs based on students’ changing needs

(Per)forming New Groups: Orchestra and choir alter programs based on students' changing needs


September 16, 2015

Due to a rapidly changing and expanding student body, the performing arts department established and reformed the New Edition choir and the Festival Orchestra this year to meet students’ needs. Catherine Qing, Festival Orchestra member and sophomore, said, “(The directors) wanted to do something...