Logan Tullai, Stock Market Club co-president and junior, gives financial advice amid COVID-19 pandemic

Logan Tullai, Stock Market Club co-president and junior, watches the stock market. Tullai said he has had a brokerage account since seventh grade.

Grace Xu

March 28, 2020

Can you give a brief overview of your experiences with finances, whether that be through stock trading, classes or otherwise? I don't have any formal class experience in school with trading or anything, but I've had a brokerage account since seventh grade, and there are a number of really good resource...

Moving from Venezuela to Carmel opens new doors for students

MAKING MONEY: Senior Luisana Rodriguez checks how many seats are available in Red Robin. Rodriguez has worked at Red Robin for a little less than a year. She said that her family sends money over to their relatives in Venezuela to help make their lives easier.

Kassandra Darnell

April 19, 2019

Two years ago, senior Luisana Rodriguez and her mother left their home in Venezuela and moved to the United States in order to avoid the growing political and economic crisis spreading across the country. They first moved to Miami and then to Indiana, but at the time, the conditions in Venezuela wer...

Economics Club members traveling for competitions

Economics Club members traveling for competitions

Daniel Kim

April 8, 2019

Every year Economics Club members travel to various locations to compete. This year, members will travel to IUPUI to compete with other high schools, as they did last year. This year, if Economics Club members surpass regionals, they will proceed to the state competition on April 11 held in Indianapo...

Higher Education: Students, Teacher Reflect on Impact of College on Employment

If I stick to what I want to do with my future, I’ll be fine, because after high school I want to go into pharmacy at Purdue, and if I go through the entire program, which at least in terms of my degree, will guarantee me a job. It shows I’ve put in the work, and I’ve proven that I can do the job. If I stick with that I’m fine, but if I don’t then I don’t really know what will happen.

I have concerns; as time increases, it gets harder to get a job. 50 years ago, you could get a job with just a high school degree, but now it’s hard to get a job even with a bachelor’s. So as time goes on, it gets harder.

Alanna Wu

February 21, 2018

In current times, it seems like the emphasis on higher education is greater than ever — the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce predicted that at least 65 percent of jobs by 2020 will require some form of higher education after high school. At first glance, this statistic seems to indicat...

Summer school to take place both at CHS and online

Principal John Williams talks to secretary Jan Brown about scheduling meetings. According to Principal Williams, summer school will be offered both at CHS and online this year. CLAUDIA HUANG / PHOTO


April 15, 2014

For the first time this summer, students will be able to choose between taking summer school courses at the school or online through the Indiana Online Academy (IOA) according to Principal John Williams. Williams said, “This year, we are kind of getting into this in the middle of the stream, so...

Economics team wins national competition

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May 20, 2008

The David Ricardo division of the economics team--John Shi (12), Scott Williamson (12), Alex Garrison (12) and Kathleen Fenerty (10) here on May 19 won the National Economics Challenge competition in New York, NY sponsored by the National Council on Economic Education and the Goldman Sachs Foundation....