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Students discuss dangers, safety hazards, precautions of swimming in beach, pool in honor of Water Safety Month

Daniel Tian, Student Section Reporter May 25, 2021

Junior Dhillon Parikshak is an avid beach-goer. He said he goes around five times a year,  spending time with his family at beaches like Lake Michigan and in the Turks and Caicos. Although Parikshak said...

Senior Zoha Aziz presents the research she conducted with Project STEM over the summer. She said, “I participated in a virtual internship with a research mentor (over the summer)W. And we did that online and we actually looked at some demographics on COVID data and that was really interesting to see.”

Students motivated to go into healthcare industry in wake of COVID-19

Raghav Sriram September 23, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, senior Zoha Aziz had genuine interest in going into the healthcare industry. She was born into a healthcare environment, as both of her parents are healthcare professionals,...

Take A Spin:
Kendall Erne, figure skater and junior, opens out of her spin and stretches out her leg. Erne said she competes for about half of the year but practices year round. She added that her practices are about two to four hours and take place six times a week; and most of her competitions are in Michigan and Ohio.

CHS figure skaters, former U.S. figure skater elaborate on physicality, commitment needed for success in figure skating

Karolena Zhou December 12, 2019

  While winter is the only time to ice skate for most students, for junior Kendall Erne, it’s a year-round activity. As a competitive ice skater, Erne skates two to four hours per day, six...

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