Summer Rockin’: WHJE members organize student music festival on Aug. 16

Junior and prospective Last Rock of Summer performer, Ethan Meneghini, works on his music over the summer in preparation for the LROS. Meneghini has created his own home studio that he works out of to produce his own music.

Josie Cruzan

August 13, 2019

For Ella Carlson, Last Rock of Summer (LROS) president and sophomore, a typical SRT involves getting her SRT teacher to sign her pass, which has “ASAP” written on it in square, capitalized pencil, and signed by her SRT teacher, Sarah Gillum, and then heading to her home away from home: the radio...

Q&A with DJ, music producer Ethan Meneghini

METAL MAYHEM: DJ and sophomore Ethan Meneghini plays his set. Meneghini opened the show for the metal band Blizzard Time.

Josie Cruzan

October 25, 2018

How did you start DJing? When I was eight- it was near my birthday that year and I was about to turn nine- my step dad introduced me to Skrillex’s music, and that was the first introduction to electronic music that got me into producing electronic music. I started producing later that year when I...

Lyrical Mentality: Students, staff reflect on negative stereotypes surrounding rap, how music affects their daily lives

Rapper and sophomore Isaac Brown (left) prepares to record his new songs alongside DJ and sophomore Ethan Meneghini (right) in one of the school’s recording studios during late start. This was the first time the pair had worked together. Both Brown and Meneghini said they were excited to begin working.

Ashwin Prasad, Marvin Fan

October 25, 2018

Every day, rapper and sophomore Isaac Brown tunes in to rap music. At the same time, Annie Kim, officer of the Share The Music Club and sophomore, can be found listening to or playing classical music, while Sam Chenoweth, associate director of choirs, turns on musical theater he enjoys. The three said mus...