Adam Gostomelsky, Sports editor

October 13, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the nominees for the Republican and Democratic party, respectively. While they did win enough votes in the primary election season, both candidates have as many detractors as they do supporters. According to a Roper Center poll, Clinton and Trump average “strong un...

Students find women to be more politically open, liberal than men

Senior April Johnson expresses her liberal views in class by explaining the “majority rules” voting system. The government operates on a similar system, making decisions based on the preferences of the majority. To demonstrate  the system, Johnson asked her classmates to show their opinions by raising their hands in a class vote. CAROLYN ZHANG // PHOTO


October 9, 2015

Some CHS students turn 18 before the 2016 elections, gaining the opportunity to cast a vote. Even a single vote can make a difference in the country’s future. Many factors influence students’ voting preferences. One of these influences is gender. Seniors Sarah Glaze and April Johnson are among...

Despite current gender gap, female students seek to achieve in top leadership positions

Speaker of the House Meredith Baranowski speaks at an all-school convocation. Baranowski , one of this school's female leaders , said she believes men and women are equally capable of leadership.


April 25, 2013

During her freshman year, Meredith Baranowski, current Speaker of the House, walked into her first House meeting and saw a lone female on stage, Sunny Huang ’10, then Speaker of the House. “My immediate first reaction was, ‘There’s a girl who looks like she has her stuff together’ and that...