Cutlery Decisions: Administration considers switching from plastic cutlery to metal at CHS

Kiersten Riedford

September 20, 2019

Recently, Clay Middle School, West Clay and College Wood elementary schools made the switch from plastic to metal cutlery. According to Jennifer McFarland, the director of nutritional services for Carmel Clay Schools (CCS), these are the first steps in a larger plan to replace plastic cutlery in all...

Students find longer lunch times benefit performance in classes afterwards

Sophomore Ethan Saghir waits in line for lunch. Recent studies have shown long lines contribute to shortened lunch times across the country. Saghir, however, said CHS’s lunch lines are not a huge problem because they move relatively quickly.  CAROLYN ZHANG // PHOTO


November 13, 2015

Lunch is valuable relaxation time for many students, as it allows them to both eat and socialize with friends at the same time. For some, such as sophomore Ethan Saghir, the daily 27 minutes of lunchtime just don’t seem like they’re enough. “It doesn’t give many people that much time to eat,” he said. The value ...