Junior Patrick McCalley dies Oct. 6, counseling services available

Melissa Yap, Management October 7, 2016

Junior Patrick McCalley died on Oct. 6. CHS counselors will be available the week of Oct. 10 for students to talk to. According to counselor Cathleen Johnson, the counselors have an open-door policy,...

Pending cyber regulations elicit privacy concerns

Pending cyber regulations elicit privacy concerns

News May 23, 2013

Despite being defeated for two consecutive years in Congress, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) passed in the U.S. House on another attempt on April 18 by a 288 to 127 vote. The...

Personal finance teacher Richard “Chard” Reid works closely with senior Christopher Bonta. Reid, who ran for U.S. Congress in the Nov. 6 election, said even though he ran for office, he tried to keep his personal political views out of the classroom.

Teachers work to separate personal views from their public school classrooms

News November 16, 2012

Junior Blake Patteson carries his textbook every day to AP U.S. History. It is slightly worn at the corners, 1,248 pages of hard facts graced by a painting of an American flag-adorned winter landscape...

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