Protect The House: Carmel Cafe staff, advisers plan to implement new security measures

Protect The House: Carmel Cafe staff, advisers plan to implement new security measures

Kassi Darnell

November 15, 2019

This month, the Carmel Cafe is planning to implement new security measures, focusing mainly on crowd control within the cafe, in addition to the security cameras already installed in the establishment. DECA advisers have decided to introduce line dividers in order to control large crowds in the cafe and to...

New brand deal with Adidas to be sold in Carmel Café, DECA to continue preparing for district competition

Senior Roshan Mahesh looks through merchandise in the Carmel Café during SRT. Mahesh said,

Natalie Khamis

October 23, 2019

In an effort to continue transforming the Carmel Café, the Carmel Café and Market team recently announced new brand deal with Adidas.  “We’re really excited about this deal with Adidas,” Katie Sankey, manager of a marketing satellite team for the Carmel Café, said. “We’re already have...

After finalizing competitive events, DECA to start preparing for districts, further market Carmel Café

Senior Katie Sankey and Junior Nimish Bhat discuss plans for the Carmel Café. Sankey said DECA is currently working on a brand deal with Adidas and will sell its merchandise at community events.

Natalie Khamis

October 1, 2019

Concluding the call-out meetings that took place earlier this month, DECA members and business teachers will begin preparations for this year’s competition season. The first competition of the school year will take place on Jan. 11 at CHS. “Pretty soon, we will be working on projects and preparing for...

CHS considers the recent rise in counterfeit money circulating throughout Carmel businesses, ways to prevent the influx

Bryce Hull, DECA chief financial officer and senior, checks bills with a marker to ensure authenticity. Hull said this is part of DECA’s new protocol with larger bills.

Natalie Khamis

September 21, 2018

While on her way to work at Amanda’s Exchange, a local consignment shop on Carmel Drive, junior Katie Sankey received an unusual message from her manager. According to Sankey, the message warned all employees about a possible influx of counterfeit money circulating through businesses in Carmel. “I ...