New brand deal with Adidas to be sold in Carmel Café, DECA to continue preparing for district competition


Senior Roshan Mahesh looks through merchandise in the Carmel Café during SRT. Mahesh said, "The merchandise is a little expensive, but they're produced by name brands like Nike so its worth the price."

Natalie Khamis

In an effort to continue transforming the Carmel Café, the Carmel Café and Market team recently announced new brand deal with Adidas.

 “We’re really excited about this deal with Adidas,” Katie Sankey, manager of a marketing satellite team for the Carmel Café, said. “We’re already have some Nike merch and can’t wait for the apparel from Adidas.”

In addition to this, Laura Cardamon, DECA co-sponsor and business teacher, said DECA will be hosting informational SRT sessions for students who are signed up to compete in a role play at the district competition. According to Cardamon, students will be paired up with role play heads to learn techniques on how to score well on theses events.

“We will also host many SRT meetings for those signed up to compete in a role play in class in order to help them prepare for competitions,” Cardamon said. “Our first sessions will take place next week on Oct.28 and Oct. 30 during SRT.”