Junior Maria “Mars” Stefanidou

Junior Maria “Mars” Stefanidou

February 22, 2019

I follow a lot of models on Instagram, and a lot of them have this thing where they’ll post an outfit of the day, so every time I’d be scrolling through my front page, I’d see stuff I thought was really interesting, and I would want to find something like that and put it together. I realized t...

Unreal Ideals


April 30, 2010

Teenagers across the nation, like junior Bethany Arrington, have dealt with body image issues through eating disorders, often spurred on by the media By Darlene Pham <dpham@hilte.org> At first glance, junior Bethany Arrington has it all. A successful cross-country runner, the lead role in several school plays, a spot on the ComedySportz team, her talents are countless. But appearances...