Science Olympiad places fourth overall in competition


January 31, 2014

On Jan. 18, 45 members of Science Olympiad went to the Northridge Invitational and received an overall placing of fourth. The team faced some tough competition, but members were happy with the outcome of the event. “Our students had a very good performance,” Cynthia Henry, head sponsor for Science...

Science Olympiad prepares for upcoming invitational


January 16, 2014

Science Olympiad is getting ready for the Northridge Invitational on Jan. 18. The team is expected to leave CHS at 4:30 a.m. with 45 members from three different teams: A team, B team and C team. Each team has 15 students. The goal for the invitational is to see how well the team performs. Unlike...

Science Olympiad to participate in the Northridge Invitational on Jan. 18


December 27, 2013

After winter break, Science Olympiad is scheduled to participate in the Northridge Invitational on Jan. 18. Science Olympiad previously participated in the Whiting Invitational in Whiting on Dec. 14. 30 members of Science Olympiad, mostly freshmen and sophomores, competed at Whiting. A few upperclassmen,...

Science Olympiad to compete in Northridge Invitational on Jan. 19


January 11, 2013

The Science Olympiad team will compete at the Northridge Invitational on Jan. 19 at Northridge High School, according to Michael Lu, club officer and senior. The Northridge Invitational is an annual competition in Middlebury. The team plans on attending this competition as a “practice tournament”...