Lyrical Mentality: Students, staff reflect on negative stereotypes surrounding rap, how music affects their daily lives

Rapper and sophomore Isaac Brown (left) prepares to record his new songs alongside DJ and sophomore Ethan Meneghini (right) in one of the school’s recording studios during late start. This was the first time the pair had worked together. Both Brown and Meneghini said they were excited to begin working.

Ashwin Prasad, Marvin Fan

October 25, 2018

Every day, rapper and sophomore Isaac Brown tunes in to rap music. At the same time, Annie Kim, officer of the Share The Music Club and sophomore, can be found listening to or playing classical music, while Sam Chenoweth, associate director of choirs, turns on musical theater he enjoys. The three said mus...

‘Rep Urself’: CHS staff, students reflect on utilization, progression of modern slang

'Rep Urself': CHS staff, students reflect on utilization, progression of modern slang

Anushka Dasgupta

March 23, 2018

With the advent of the Internet, social media and a wider range of mass media, teenagers today are far different from their predecessors. They use new slang words daily, each passing in and out of trends, made up by anyone and everyone who has access to the Internet. In the past few years, many have  c...

Rapping Up Music Genres

Sophomore Gracie Gilbert, pictured, believes rap music appeal is growing, causing a difference in perspective for high school and college students. “With so many more teens listening to rap music, their behavior and actions can be easily effected just because of the influence the music genre has,” Gilbert said.

Hannah Gretz

January 25, 2018

With the scheduled release of many new songs and albums by a variety of artists, such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and more, the history of music and the history of rap is taken into consideration by those opening up their ears and minds to it. Kyle Adams, associate professor of (music th...

More than Music

Junior David Chilemba (left) and junior Rashid “RJ” Conteh (right) go over lines for a rap. They said they also try to avoid using rap to spread their political views.

Armaan Goel, Reporter

May 1, 2017

The 2016 election was one of the most polarizing elections in recent years, leading all groups of people to use different platforms to discuss political ideas. From newscasters to YouTubers, intense discussions happened over controversial issues. Rappers are just one of the groups getting involved wi...

Rise of Rap

RISING RAPPERS: Rappers and juniors David Chilemba (left) and Rashid

Jessica Konrad

December 12, 2016

When rappers and juniors David Chilemba and Rashid “RJ” Conteh come home from school, their main focus isn’t studying, socializing with friends or going to sports practice. For Chilemba and Conteh, their first order of business is writing music for their mixtape, which they plan to release Dec...

Three Reason Why Rappers Are Like Small Children


May 3, 2014

4 Reasons Why Rappers Are Like Small Children I have a legitimate respect from hip-hop and rap. I do not contest that they are legitimate genres and that there is a lot of critically acclaimed bodies of work from rap artists. But lyrically, the opportunity to poke fun at them is too sweet to pass...

Hip Hop Club adds new rap section


December 1, 2011

Hip Hop Club, formerly known as the Breakdancing Club, has added a new element to the club, where students can learn how to rap, according to Mason Yao, Hip Hop Club officer and senior. Junior Shajit Kohli is the head of this new rap subdivision. Hip Hop Club meets every Tuesday after school until 5...