Math Club members look at past questions, prepare for future competitions

 Co-president and senior Joey Heerens explains the problems that Math Club members missed in the Rose Hulman competition. The Rose Hulman competition happened on Nov. 10 at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Leslie Huang

November 24, 2018

The Math Club members won the Rose Hulman competition for the tenth time on Nov. 10 and now are preparing for the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) and the Mandelbrot competition. Co-president and senior Joey Heerens said, “We’re going to look over problems from past AMC’s, which will be o...

Math Club members to participate in further rounds of Mandelbrot competition

Math Club member and freshman Jacob Zhang works alongside fellow Math Club member and freshman Jack Liu on the first round of the Mandelbrot competition. The Mandelbrot took place on Oct. 2 in H207.

Leslie Huang

October 11, 2018

After preparing for the Mandelbrot competition over the past several meetings, the math club members participated in the first round of the Mandelbrot competition on Oct. 2. The members will continue preparing for the next round, which is from Oct. 29 to Nov. 4. The Mandelbrot competition takes plac...

TechHOUNDs receives season objective, begins to build prototypes

TechHOUNDs members and sophomores Kalen Rudd, Vikas Maturi and Sameer Leley make changes to their model. In past years, the TechHOUNDs team prepared two robots before its March competition: a prototype and a final model. PHOTO / JESSICA TAO


January 18, 2014

TechHOUNDs, the robotics team, received its season objective on Jan. 4. According to sponsor George Giltner, there’s a change in point scoring this year. TechHOUNDs member and sophomore Tiger Huang said he is excited to begin building. Giltner and the TechHOUNDs team met up over winter break to w...

Math Club to attend Rose Hulman Competition on Nov. 12


November 9, 2011

Math Club members and club sponsor Dan Perdun are working hard to prepare for the upcoming Rose Hulman Competition. The competition will occur on Nov. 12, 11 a.m. at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. “We have been practicing by using sample tests or the actual tests from previous years,” said ...