Math Club members to participate in further rounds of Mandelbrot competition


Math Club member and freshman Jacob Zhang works alongside fellow Math Club member and freshman Jack Liu on the first round of the Mandelbrot competition. The Mandelbrot took place on Oct. 2 in H207.

Leslie Huang

After preparing for the Mandelbrot competition over the past several meetings, the math club members participated in the first round of the Mandelbrot competition on Oct. 2.

The members will continue preparing for the next round, which is from Oct. 29 to Nov. 4.

The Mandelbrot competition takes place over five rounds, beginning in Oct. and ending in March.

Joseph Broman, sponsor and math teacher said, “The rounds get consecutively harder; they get harder both within themselves and over the course of the final round. Question number one is going to be easier than question number seven, so you’ll see more basic algebra and geometry concepts in the first round, and then we’re getting into complicated trigonometry and geometry problems by the end of it.”

The Mandelbrot is mainly composed of algebra, trigonometry, and geometry, with precalculus appearing once in a while.

Co-president and senior Joey Heerens said, “The Mandelbrot isn’t as difficult as larger and more important competitions; it’s mostly just to prepare for larger competitions such as the Rose Hulman.”