Emily Sandy (LEFT), staff member and sophomore, and senior Claire Sandy (RIGHT) pose for a selfie. Emily said they love to look at filters on Snapchat and watch cat videos together.

It’s past time to retire word ‘retard,’ embrace those with differences

Emily Sandy March 20, 2020

In seventh grade, I came home to the yells of my sister who was screaming to my mom that someone at school called her a “retard.” My sister, who has special needs, was clearly upset by the fact that...

Senior Laurel Hulett works on a Christmas card with Orlando Robinson, her Best Buddy and sophomore, in the main cafeteria. Best Buddies have arranged small get-togethers and meetings in and out of school for students to interact with their Best Buddies.

Wonder Away: Bestselling book “Wonder,” now adapted movie, emphasizes the importance of acceptance

Hannah Glazier November 17, 2017

Based on the New York Times bestseller, “Wonder,” a movie centered around the story of a boy named Auggie Pullman, who was born with a craniofacial condition, premieres in theatres today. The story...

Changing the way we view students with special needs

Changing the way we view students with special needs

Contributor April 14, 2016

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