Rising Stars helps with “Peter Pan”

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By Stephanie Hodgin
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On Nov. 17, 18 and 19, Rising Stars will assists the drama department in its first “cold reading” of the winter production of “Peter Pan”, according to Elizabeth Noesges, Rising Stars member and senior.

She said that a “cold reading” is when the text is read directly from the scripts in order for consideration of the parts.

Noesges also said that students who wish to take part in this “cold reading” can check out scripts of Peter Pan from Jim Peterson in the drama department.

According to carmelhighschool.net, “Peter Pan” will be on Feb. 5-8 at varying times. Tickets will be on sale in the bookstore closer to the performance dates.

Noesges said Rising Stars members can also earn points toward their admittance into the National Thespian Society in the spring.

There will be one point given for attending, two points for ushering, three points for working on the crew, and five points if the member is in the actual performance or being a crew head.  Ten points total throughout the year are needed for acceptance.