L.A. Noire Song (Parody of L.A. Woman by the Doors)

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Sing to the tune of L.A. Woman


Well, I just solved a murder ’bout an hour ago

A movie star clubbed by a mobster Italiano

Just another day patrolling the City of Lights

Just another day in the….. City of Fights, City of Fights

(Guitar Solo)

L.A. Noire!

L.A. Noire!

L.A. Noire solvin’ crimes with you

Murders, cons, stolen cars, L.A. Noire is a city of blues….

(Guitar Solo)

Patrolman Cole Phelps Risin’

Vice Cop Cole Phelps Risin’

Detective Cole Phelps Risin’

Gotta Keep on Risin’

(Reprise and end)

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