Unique Artists: Lady Gaga

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Ever since she premiered her video for “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga has set a trend in dressing in the most odd and peculiar of outfits. She has carved out a niche in not only music and dance, but also fash4ion. Her style is similar to some kind of quirky French Model. She dresses with no compromise, as seen in her famous meat dress. She is one of the most unique and prominent artists today.
As a fan of fringe and underground culture, I was ecstatic when I discovered Lady Gaga. She was on the edge (Pun intended of course) of our cultural norm. While wearing provocative clothing in some instances, she did not compromise her art like some artists do. While it would seem like she is blatantly using basic attraction to fuel her career, most of the attraction in her music is much more surreptitious. When I first saw her, my first impression was disgust at her blatant use of physical attraction. Then I realized by her movement that she was not intending to be a idol or diva, but something else. When I really listened to her music, I realized the true meaning of her songs and videos.
Lady Gaga is a woman proud of what she does. She truly believes in the meaning of her music and perseveres to further her art. This is a woman who spent hours “incubating” in an egg just for her art. She seems to channel renaissance artists rather than those of today with the dedication to her art form. She is a lovely artist and a nice change of pace.
I praise and admire her for her dedication to her art and her courage to step out of social norms, but that’s not to say I am a complete fan. I am someone who prefers more classically influenced art, Lady Gaga throws all forms of classic and conventional out the window. The problem with this is the challenge to match what you’ve done before. Lady Gaga has gone beyond the mold to accomplish her art, but the road gets more difficult from here. It is a road paved with haters and trials to make everything better.