Senior Axel Masquelin is an indoor and outdoor rock climber



Why did you start rock climbing originally? How long have you been climbing?
I got into rock climbing because of my father. I started when I was only three. I basically learned how to climb as soon as I was able to walk.

How often do you go climbing?
I try to keep a schedule of once per week. Right now I don’t have a regular training schedule because of school.

Where do you usually practice?
I usually practice at Hoosier Heights Indy. It used to be called Climb Time Towers before it was bought out.

How long does a trip to Hoosier Heights Indy last?
A normal training session usually goes for four to five hours.

Have you participated in any competitions?
When I was in France I did two competitions. I placed in one, but I was really young and never tried again.

What is your favorite rock climbing location?
My favorite rock climbing location is in Kentucky. It is called Red River Gorge. I also like to climb indoors at Hoosier Heights because I am a lead climber, which means I climb without a harness and place safeties into the wall for other climbers. It’s a higher risk, but I enjoy it.

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor climbing?
I prefer outdoor (climbing) because it is a new experience every time. It is a different feeling than climbing indoors.

Have you climbed at any unique locations?
I climbed all over Europe with my father. There was a spot at Red River Gorge called “Midnight Surf” which is basically a giant cliff overhang that goes straight up.

Do you do any other action sports?
Yes, I kitesurf and do parkour or freerunning. I also play recreational soccer with my friends.

Is rock climbing an easy sport to learn?
I would say it is easy if you are devoted. There is definitely a learner’s curve but you can overcome it. Rock climbing has a unique thrill.