Exchange students to visit Indiana State House


Hamilton area exchange students will have a trip to the Indiana State House on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Representative Shawn Eberhart will give students a tour of the State House. Students exchange organization FLAG will organize this trip for 39 students from 17 different countries. This event will take place within Democracy Enhancement activity.

“I look forward to the meeting,” Hamilton area coordinator Michelle Hanlin said.  “That’s a great opportunity for students. They will learn more about American government system from their own experience.”

The meeting will continue a chain of leadership activities for exchange students.

“Students will show presentations about the leader in their home countries. This activity is aimed to leadership skills developing.”

Trip will also be a part of mid-year orientation and aims to sum up students’ progress for the last five months.

“First half of the year were not the easiest time for me,” Alesya Mahmudova, exchange student from Azerbaijan and senior, said. “Real America is very different from movies. Fortunately it isn’t that different from my expectations what eased my culture shock.”

According to Mahmudova looking back she does not regret for the time she spent in the United States.

“Through my exchange year I learned a lot about real friendship and family importance. Right now I know more about life as an adult than ever before. It’s useful experience for me before I leave to college.”