CHS to offer new courses for 2014-15 school year

CHS to offer new courses for 2014-15 school year


A Hebrew teacher lectures a class
Hebrew teacher Yossi Cohen gestures as he teaches a Hebrew I class. Since Hebrew II will be offered as a course for next year, these students can continue their study of Hebrew. ALICE ZHU / PHOTO

Several new courses will be offered to students in the 2014-15 school year, Amy Dudley, CCS assistant superintendent for curriculum instruction and assessment, said. In addition to the AP Capstone program, students can now schedule for IB Computer Science, IB Business and Management, Advanced Science Materials Chemistry and Hebrew II.

Dudley said after the school board approved these courses, they were added to the Program of Studies. However, the school board will confirm the classes for next year only if enrollment is sufficient. If not, students who scheduled for these classes will have to enroll in one of their alternate course choices.

“I think the new classes add additional options for students at our school,” Dudley said. “We have such great students at CHS that have so many different interests, and this adds to that, so they can take the courses that are interesting to them.”

According to the CHS Program of Studies, IB Computer Science is a full-weight, two-year course that will give students the opportunity to develop analytical thinking skills through problem-solving strategies. The prerequisite for the course is AP Computer Science 2.

IB Business and Management is also a two-year, full-weight course, but it does not have any prerequisite. According to the Program of Studies, the course will delve into the specific aspects of organizations.

According to Dudley, Materials Chemistry is a regular-weight, yearlong course for students who enjoy chemistry but are not inclined to take AP Chemistry. The course will explore solids and focus on labs relating to the material taught.

Hebrew II is a second year language course, which will emphasize reading and listening comprehension, according to the Program of Studies.

Madeline “Maddie” Roger, Hebrew student and sophomore, said she plans to enroll into Hebrew II next year.

“I am so excited that they are offering (Hebrew II) next year,” Roger said. “(Taking a second year in the same laGraphic of course informationnguage) gives you an opportunity to progress on the language, and it gives you more of an insight on how to speak the language. You learn more about the culture that the language is spoken in too.”

According to counselor Linda Skafish, counselors are working to let students know about the new course options available to them when students schedule for next year.

“Anytime a student is choosing classes for the coming year, you always have to look at the big picture and see what combination of classes will work for them, how it fits with diploma requirements and where they see themselves after high school. It’s all to make sure they have solid preparation and a good foundation,” Skafish said.

Dudley said she thinks these new courses add to the wide range of options students have the chance to explore at CHS.

“One of the great things about CHS is that we do offer so many different types of courses, so our students have that opportunity to really explore different courses to determine what career choices they have in the future,” Dudley said. “When they go off to college, they might have a better idea of what they might be interested in studying.”