Carmel Education Foundation to host performance showcase on Feb. 27, telethon in March


On Feb. 27, the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) will be hosting the 285h Annual CEF Showcase at the CHS auditorium. The showcase will consist of nine elementary and two middle school ensembles and choirs, and all donations received will go to the participating schools’ music departments.

The CEF will also be hosting the 27th Annual Telethon in March.  The telethon will be conducted with the help of the CHS National Honor Society, and all donations will go to funding teacher grants and scholarships for CHS seniors.

The list of 64 scholarships that the CEF offers are available online, and the deadline for all applications will be on March 14.

“Some of (the scholarships are) based on grade point average, some of it is on the particular college, some of it is on an activity or a sport, and some of them do have essays that go along with the particular scholarship,” Stephanie McDonald, co-executive director of the CEF, said. “They’re not lengthy essays at all. Typically a couple of paragraphs will do it.”

McDonald said the scholarships are great opportunities for college-bound seniors.

“The variety of scholarships (CEF provides) is really great,” said senior Sasha Scott. “The more opportunities there are, the better chances I have. It would be extremely difficult to pay for college without them.”