New Professor Layton crossover to be released March 28

New Professor Layton crossover to be released March 28


The popular Professor Layton series has teamed up with Ace Attorney to yield the crossover game, “Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney,” and it is set to be released tomorrow.

The series first began in 2007, when Akihiro Hino released “Professor Layton and the Curious Village” in Japan. The game was met with such high reviews that its North American release occurred the following year. “Professor Layton” centers around a professor of archaeology Hershel Layton and his apprentice Luke Triton. In a series of challenging logic puzzles, the duo attempt to solve mysterious disappearances and other strange happenings.

In this new game, available only on Nintendo 3DS, Professor Layton and Luke attempt to help a girl, Espella, who is being chased by a mysterious force. After she is kidnapped, the duo come across a book that teleports them to Labyrinthia, home to witches and magic.

Coincidentally, Phoenix Wright and assistant Maya Fey come across the same book, and Wright decides to defend Espella against accusations of witchcraft.

w.Capulong.Layton.3.27Players can experience two different styles of gameplay, Adventure and Witch Trials, as they explore and solve puzzles of Labyrinthia in Adventure sections and take part in courtroom drama by cross-examining and quizzing witnesses during the Witch Trials. Still, as in any normal “Professor Layton” game, players can find hint coins and earn Picarats by correctly solving puzzles.

What fans can look forward to in this crossover is a mixture of handheld video games and Japanese manga. The two detectives will join together in one spectacular 3D world to solve the mysterious disappearance of Espella. For those who cannot wait to purchase the game, Nintendo released a demo puzzle on its website. Fans can also see exclusive clips of the gameplay, as well as sneak previews of the plot.

As Professor Layton always says, a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved, so stay tuned for the North American release of this game.