Types of Indian Classical Dances


Types of Indian Dances

1. Bharatanatyam


Bharatanatyam is one of the most popular dance styles today is and is performed by male and female dancers. This dance form was only used to perform in the temple, but now is performed everywhere. This form of dance tells the stories of devotional characters such as Rama and Krishna.

2. Kathak


This dance originated from a group of poets in ancient northern India, know as Kathaks, or story tellers. These poets were known for retelling the tales of mythological and moral tales. The technique is easy to understand by fast footwork set to complex time cycles. Instruments like the tabla and pakhawaj usually accompany the dance. The story is told through facial expressions and gestures.

3. Kathakali


This is one of the oldest forms of theater in the world. It originated in Kerala. This dance requires elaborate make-up to represent different characters. This dance is told through hand gestures and the dancers wear large headdresses.

4. Kuchipudi


This dance is performed by Telugu Brahmins and is faster than any other type of Indian dance. It is similar to Bharatanatyam. The main dance is called taranagam is performed on a brass plate. The song tells the life of Lord Krishna.