Lacrosse teams attempt to win third consecutive State title

Lacrosse teams attempt to win third consecutive State title


Both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams won State titles in 2011 and 2012. Both teams credit hard work, teamwork, experience and leadership. Both teams agree on continuing the same success to win their third consecutive State championship.

“Past success doesn’t guarantee future results, but the players are very motivated to perpetuate the success that we have earned the past two years,” Ken Tomozawa, head coach of the women’s lacrosse team, said.

The women’s lacrosse team has been victorious on its quest for the State championship in the last two years. Despite the fact that they have won two years in a row, Tomozawa believes that the 2013 season will be a challenging one for the team.

This season, the women’s team will have to face Hamilton Southeastern, Westfield, Noblesville and Guerin Catholic. He describes all of these opponents as very competitive and a challenge to beat in the Regional playoffs. However, Tomozawa said that the women’s lacrosse team is very confident and motivated, which has served as a vital factor in the past.

Tomozawa said they have worked hard throughout the season and improved on their skills so they can match up with their past successes. He said that the girls are good all-around players and they don’t focus in only one area.

“We may not be as high scoring as we have been in the past, and we do not have any superstars, but we have a solid group of motivated and dedicated players with great chemistry,” Tomozawa said.

The men’s lacrosse team has had their equal share of success as well. Like the women’s team, the men’s team won back to back State titles in 2011 and 2012. Despite these past feats, Ryan Cason, defender on the men’s lacrosse team and senior, agrees with Tomozawa on the difficulty of achieving a third consecutive State championship. Similar to the women’s team, Cason believed that hard work and teamwork has been a key role recently in the team’s previous championships.

However, according to Cason, the men’s team has high expectations for themselves. The members of men’s lacrosse team have a strong desire to repeat their previous successes as well. Even though their path seems difficult, Cason said he thinks their path to their third consecutive State championship is definitely achievable.

“We have the potential to be better if we work hard,” Cason said. “We can be good as we want to be if we work hard.”

Like Cason, defender and junior Matt Dickson, said that the men’s team has a very difficult road to State. Dickson said these past achievements push the team to work harder and try to achieve the same level of success as before.

“We want to get the same level of achievement, if not better,” Dickson said.

Tomozawa, Cason and Dickson agree on the same goal; they want to achieve the same success as they have done so in the past.

However, the three agree that improvement is necessary in order to achieve their third consecutive State title. Cason stated that the men’s team needs to improve on their offensive sets and defensive slide packages. Dickson said that the team needs to communicate better on defense.

Tomozawa said he would like to see the girls develop overall and have a deep bench. Tomozawa also said he plans on having a strong well rounded team by resting the starters and giving the bench players enough playing time so they can improve their skills. He said it is important to be an unselfish team so the girls can get a wider distribution of goals and assists.

“We feel it (is) essential to continue to develop the players of the future, by giving all players valuable playing time during the season,” Tomozawa said.

Even though the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams were successful during the last two seasons, they have to work harder and improve in order to repeat the same success. Both teams set high expectations as both expect to win the State title.

The men’s team is currently ranked 10th overall in the Midwest Regional and the members of the team want to move up in the rankings.

Members of the men’s lacrosse team practice together and huddle together during practice. The team won the State championship last year, and Ryan Cason, defender and senior, said the goal for the team is to repeat last year’s performance and to win another State championship.

“Our goal is to win another State championship,” Cason said. “Anything less is a disappointment.”