Nickelodeon Casting Director to come to Carmel on Sept 20.



Nickelodeon casting director Harriet Greenspan will visit Milestone Talent Group’s upcoming workshop on Sept. 20.  The workshop will be held at the Milestone Talent Group Office, which is at 75 Executive Drive Suite H in Carmel, from 10am to 2pm and will cost $169 per person. Greenspan will be focusing on how to audition successfully.  Junior Georgia Simmons, who previously performed in the featured film “Wig’d Out”, said that workshops benefit actors because it really breaks the spectrum of teachers just giving instructions.

        Students interested in participating must email [email protected] before seating fills up and include Harriet Greenspan as the subject of the email, with a telephone number.

        Parents and students must consider the risks and disadvantages before registering for the workshop. Simmons said numerous experiences at auditioning help students better themselves.

“However, if you are not okay with being shot down 98 percent of the time, you will not make it in this business,” she said. Getting rejected at an audition is just as important of getting the part, according to Simmons.

        Milestone Talent Group mission is to develop new young actors through classes taught by experienced professional, workshops and theatre productions.  Milestone uses veteran actresses and filmmakers to allow aspiring actors in Indiana.

“Over the summer I had the experience to perform in a featured film, “Wig’d Out”. This basically was life changing for me in so many different ways, but one of the biggest ones for me was easily the fact that I learned to be happy with who I am and not take anyone’s opinion of me to heart,” Simmons said.

Greenspan has casted for roles for “Drake & Josh”, “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”, and “True Jackson,V. P.”, along with many other famous Nickelodeon shows. According to Simmons, acting on stage and acting in a produced show are two very different experiences. “You learn so much over such a short period of time about filming and it’s truly an amazing experience,” she said. “I think society, especially in high school kids, is so wrapped in what other people will judge them as. Just look at me, I was bald for months but what I learned from my experience, however, was, as actors and performers, it is our job to look past these difficulties and pursue our passion.”

According to Simmons getting in involved in these kinds of workshops will help you in the long run.

She said,“To students who want to audition, I would say is if you have a passion to attract the attention of producers, put yourself out there, whenever you have the opportunity.”