SWIMMING THE DISTANCE: Senior Claire Adams continues to set records



Q&A with senior Claire Adams

How long have you been a swimmer?

I started swimming when I was two or three, just taking some swim lessons. I then joined a summer swim team and did that for a while. When I moved to Indiana, I started swimming for the Carmel Swim Club, and I didn’t really start to do competitive swimming till I was nine. There was nothing that really made me choose to be a swimmer. My parents got me involved in swimming to make friends, because I was new to Indiana.

What was it like to set a world record in San Antonio?

I honestly had no idea that I got a world record when it actually happened. When I went back to get my stuff,  a person from USA Swimming came up to me and said that I just broke a world record. It was pending because there was a lot of paperwork that they had to do. Honestly there was just so much going on, and I didn’t really realize it till later that night. It was in the 100-meter backstroke.


What is it like to have a chance to go to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil?

I’m really excited for 2016. I think there are a lot of really good athletes that all have the same shot in my opinion. We all get the opportunity to swim and to try and make the (USA) team. I would most likely make the team for the 100 or 200 meter backstroke events.

How much commitment to swimming is required to be where you are now?

I don’t really have a lot of time for other things other than swimming and homework. I pretty much just go home after practice and do my homework and go to bed. It’s totally worth it though, because being on the CHS women’s swimming and diving team is a great experience.