CHS administrators, teachers describe implications of the “Devious Licks” trend

Dariush Khurram October 3, 2021

Assistant Principal Maureen Borto What type of items was being stolen and destroyed due to the Devious Licks trend? We had soap dispensers, which I would say were the biggest piece. We had them both...

Students listen to a guest speakers presentation at a college and career workshop hosted at CHS by the counseling center. Due to COVID-19, these workshops have been moved to be online.

In-school summer courses, counseling workshops to move online

Kassandra Darnell May 21, 2020

Due to COVID-19, AP Macroeconomics and AP Government, in-school summer classes traditionally offered at CHS, have been transferred online. This school still plans to offer students the opportunity to receive...

Senior Stephanie Morton stands on her bike before going on a bike ride with her friends. She said riding her bike has been a good way to socially distance with her friends while remaining active.

Students navigate social isolation’s effect on mental health

Grace Xu May 21, 2020

As America reaches over 1.5 million coronavirus cases, as of May 21, much of the country remains under lockdown, creating an unprecedented recession—one that takes the form of social isolation. Such...

Linh Nguyen, United Sound mentor and senior,  helps Maddy Paxton, United Sound member and senior, play an instrument at a United Sound meeting.

Inclusive programs for special needs students continue to grow at CHS, across nation

Sarah Kim and Natalie Khamis March 20, 2020

The information in this issue—originally scheduled for publication on March 20—was written and produced prior to news regarding school cancellation from the COVID-19 virus. Some information may be...

Senior Ty Bryant

Humans of CHS

Hannah Gretz and Jackie Hur March 20, 2020

Senior Ty Bryant When I was in elementary school, I came home from school and my sister had a plate of Oreos for me. I ate the first one and when I went to have another I bit into it and it tasted like...

Hound Reasoning Additional Results, Sampling Description

Rhea Acharya January 23, 2020

To read the cover story related to this poll, click here. We collected around 350 responses through social media and 120 responses from going around to various lunches and collecting survey results...

Removal of shadowing policy leaves potential students without crucial experience

HiLite Staff November 15, 2019

In the first nine weeks of this school year, CHS administration changed the school’s policy to no longer allow eighth graders to shadow our students. This change may come as a surprise to most. Shadowing...

Refresh the Page: New school website, launched this semester, looks clean, still needs some tweaks

HiLite Staff February 22, 2019

As of late, students, staff and administration here have been upgrading almost every technological aspect of the school to much success. Canvas has allowed access to files and documents for students on...

One Year Safer: after the Parkland shooting, students, staff reflect on how school safety has changed within the district

Hannah Gretz February 14, 2019

On Feb. 14, 2018 in Parkland, Fla., gunman Nikolas Cruz stormed the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSDH) opening fire with an AR-15 rifle. Cruz, a former student at MSDH, proceeded to go...

Stop Copying Me: Students should follow their own passions instead of copying activities pursued by their older siblings, other family members

Amy Tian January 24, 2019

As I was growing up, I always followed in the footsteps of my brother who was four years older than me. When we were younger, if my brother did well in an activity, sport or class, my parents would sign...

Time to Move On: Traffic in hallways at this school necessitates change.

Time to Move On: Traffic in hallways at this school necessitates change.

Jessica Konrad September 21, 2018

The air is thick and stuffy. We are paused, waiting, again. Sighs of frustration and complaints echo in the background. I wonder when we will finally start moving. After what feels like an eternity, we...

Replace the Replacement: Although all-school convocations have been replaced, they prove to be better for athletes, participants

Replace the Replacement: Although all-school convocations have been replaced, they prove to be better for athletes, participants

Selena Liu September 21, 2018

Last month, I was one of  several athletes who walked in the Walk of Champions, a replacement tradition for the previous all-school convocations. However, what I thought would be a fun, stress-free celebration...

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