Senior Superlatives


Here is the complete list of the senior superlatives. The results were drawn from 2,994 responses.

Best male athlete – Alex Akins

Best female athlete – Celene Funke

Best eyes – Madelaine Withers

Best sense of humor – Faye Dunbar

Friendliest – Molly Frank

Best car – Johan Arnell

Best laugh – Ashley Otero

Best dressed (male) – Ashwin Sundaram

Best dressed (female) – Caroline Owens

Best person to bring home to mom & dad (male) – Charles Price

Best person to bring home to mom & dad (female) – Molly McGuire

Worst case of senioritis – Nathan Freeze

Funniest social media – Sam Hunter

Cutest couple – Noah Burks & Chandler Backes

Best couple that never dated (The couple that should have been…) – Eric McLain & Gabby Walker

Most artistic – Katy Voor

Most changed since 9th grade – Nathan Melchi 

Most likely to become president – Alex Yom 

Most likely to become a movie star – Kate Milazzo

Most likely to become a billionaire – Danny Goldberg 

Favorite teacher – Malloy