Despite early problems, Canvas provides benefits for students that may outweigh any early cons

Despite early frustrations, Canvas is a positive change.

Change is in the air this year. After a lengthy investigative process, CHS teachers are now using Canvas, the new learning management system. However, many staff and students alike seem to resent this influx of technology. It is understandable that change can be difficult and stressful, but as a school, we need to understand that Canvas is not a step back but a leap forward.

In essence, Canvas allows teachers to post daily agendas, class notes, homework, classroom discussion boards and more. For students, it is useful for organizational purposes and student-teacher communication. Overall, Canvas has been a boon to my learning. It allows me to better organize my learning materials by placing notes, classwork and homework in one place; likewise, it also is beneficial for providing structure in septembergraphicthe learning environment because of features such as a to-do list, calendar and the notification tab. Furthermore, the ability to message teachers directly through  Canvas has greatly improved my capabilities to ask questions outside the classroom. Personally, Canvas has made my life significantly easier and has revolutionized how I do my school work.

However, while many of my classmates continue to complain about the neglect of Canvas by the CHS staff, it is necessary to understand that integrating Canvas is also a difficult process for the staff. Teachers are adjusting to the new system, and it will take time for them to understand how to use it correctly for their specific curriculums. Students need to work with teachers to assimilate Canvas properly in a positive, helpful manner.

In addition, some students also find Canvas to be complicated and difficult to use. While I admit it can be somewhat challenging to learn this new software, it does not mean that students should hide from Canvas. Instead, we must work to acknowledge, understand and learn to use it properly. In time, students will overcome these initial problems and  eventually, Canvas will be considered helpful.

These issues with the implementation of Canvas are not the end of the world. It just means that staff and students must work together to deploy Canvas correctly and in a timely manner. Eventually, the hope is that we, as a school, will embrace Canvas for what it truly is: a helpful learning tool.

The views in this column do not necessarily reflect the views of the HiLite staff. Reach Misha Rekhter at [email protected]