National Honor Society members to use new volunteering discussion board

Jillian Moore

National Honor Society (NHS) has recently begun using a discussion board Canvas page for NHS members to share any volunteer opportunities they use, the latest idea to benefit a currently virtual club. NHS officers released the March video meeting last week.

According to Samuel “Sam” Austgen, NHS vice president and senior, the officers made the discussion board with the goal of ensuring volunteering requirements go as smoothly as possible.

“(Volunteering) really just depends on the specific organization. I think a lot of things with COVID, that’s actually good for volunteering, with cleaning things, taking shifts places to spray things down, wipe stuff,” Austgen said. “I mean I’m not saying it’s good that COVID is around, but it gives more people opportunities to volunteer.”

NHS sponsor Allison Malloy said the varying volunteer opportunities available allow NHS to have a large impact on the community.

“I think (NHS is) just something that gives back. It’s an organization that’s consistently finding ways to help the community. So I think you see it in a lot of different ways, in terms of projects that we’re doing. You know, there are things where we are just cleaning up after an event, or we’re there to help sell tickets or do admissions,” she said. “Those things all rely on NHS volunteers.”