Q+A with Junior Parisa Shirani

Q+A with Junior Parisa Shirani

Jillian Moore and Chenyao Liu November 23, 2021

What traditions do you and your family usually practice for Black Friday? On Black Friday, we finish Thanksgiving up at around nine, or around eight, and then me and my mom, we always drive to Castleton...

Music Video Playlist: Staff Introductions  [MUSE]

Music Video Playlist: Staff Introductions [MUSE]

Hi everyone and welcome to Muse!  We’ve got a big crew this year that can’t wait to keep the ball rolling with MUSE. Instead of doing a simple introduction we thought it’d be best to switch things...

Q&A with Senior Ava Hedrick in National Golf Month Regarding Her Experience with the Sport

Jillian Moore August 1, 2021

What made you want to start playing?   “Well my dad played (golf) growing up but he never got into the serious stuff, like the tournaments for the high school team, so he just wanted his kids...

Q&A with New Edition Member Julia Dong and Dance Captain Ashley Elmore

Q&A with New Edition Member Julia Dong and Dance Captain Ashley Elmore

Jillian Moore May 12, 2021

Julia Dong, New Edition member Do you think vaccinations will allow for more freedom in choir dances? Yeah, I think vaccinations for sure will definitely allow for more freedom in choir dances, especially...

Junior Aleen
Zhao practices
her lines. She
said while
she thinks
progress with
has been made,
there is still a
long way to go.

With Chinese director Chloe Zhao becoming the first woman of color to win the Best Director Oscar, students in “Mamma Mia: The Musical” reflect on Asian representation in media

Pallevi Pillai April 30, 2021

The Oscars made headlines this year for its diverse nominations, particularly for those of Asian descent. Steven Yeun, nominated for his performance in “Minari,” is the first Asian American to be nominated...

Freshman Carolyn Jia plays her instrument in preparation for ISSMA. She practices independently, in private lessons and in Concert Orchestra so she can perform well in ISSMA, even though it is virtual this year.

Orchestra, band students prepare for ISSMA while following COVID-19 guidelines

Michelle Wan March 22, 2021

As ISSMA  (Indiana State School Musical Association) season begins,  the CHS orchestras and bands at this school have been practicing and preparing for their competitions while taking precautions for...

National Honor Society members to use new volunteering discussion board

Jillian Moore March 16, 2021

National Honor Society (NHS) has recently begun using a discussion board Canvas page for NHS members to share any volunteer opportunities they use, the latest idea to benefit a currently virtual club....

National Honor Society to continue discussing outreach to potential members

Jillian Moore March 15, 2021

National Honor Society (NHS) officers will continue to debate methods of preparation and outreach for potential incoming members and will discuss whether to send physical letters like last year, or reach...

National Honor Society to discuss recruitment of potential incoming members

Jillian Moore March 14, 2021

National Honor Society (NHS) is beginning to prepare for incoming juniors eligible to join the club next year. Although nothing is concrete, NHS officers continue to discuss how to reach out to these potential...

Daniel Cunningham, varsity baseball player and junior, practices pitching indoors. Cunningham said practices have been more difficult during the pandemic due to more baseball fields and training facilities being closed.

Athletes, coaches consider challenges in spring sports after long hiatus due to COVID-19

Jillian Moore March 14, 2021

School administrators canceled most spring sports last year due to COVID-19. Coaches and athletes have had to adjust to limited practice times and limited access to sports facilities while athletics phase...

Jillian Moore

Students should remember romantic comedies are meant to be enjoyable, not realistic

Jillian Moore February 14, 2021

With Valentine's Day upon us, we find ourselves bombarded with hearts, roses and countless romantic comedies. Romantic comedies, or rom-coms, are meant to seem lighthearted, charming and funny, but criticism...

Students consider benefits, challenges of returning to two sessions in SSRT

Students consider benefits, challenges of returning to two sessions in SSRT

Jillian Moore February 11, 2021

Starting this semester, this school has returned to two sessions in Student Support Resource Time (SSRT). Students can now visit two teachers’ classrooms during an SSRT class, as opposed to last semester...

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