Cabinet to collect donated items for auction dinners on Wednesdays in February


Cabinet and senior members Allie Wolf (front) and Sophie Cassidy (right) work on planning for upcoming events.

Jillian Moore

Throughout the remainder of January and the beginning of February, Cabinet is accepting donations of auction items from local businesses and community members for charity auction dinners on Feb. 8, 15 and 22. The organization will also facilitate a digital silent auction the entire week of Dance Marathon, which is on Feb. 25. All proceeds go to the Riley Hospital for Children.

Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff said students interested in joining Cabinet next year should consider securing an auction item to strengthen their applications. Beyond that, she said a great way to show involvement is to help Cabinet plan for Dance Marathon during SSRTs and/or after-school meetings every Monday and Wednesday.

“We looked at some feedback from participants of our biggest event, which is this semester, which is Dance Marathon. We are really taking a look at our timeline of the activities that we’re providing at that event to make a better experience for our participants,” she said. “(Dance Marathon) is kind of our culminating experience for what we’ve been working on for a whole calendar year.”

Tomas Balcius, Speaker of the House and senior, said besides organizing the auctions, Cabinet is fundraising for Dance Marathon. According to the Cabinet-run Instagram account @carmeldancemarathon, students must raise at least $125 before 4 p.m. on Feb. 25 to attend the event. More information is available here.

Balcius said, “(Morale) is very high. We’re less than a month (away from Carmel Dance Marathon) now and we don’t really have a lot of events left. We just have (an) auction dinner. So, everyone’s very motivated right now to fundraise.”