Riley-a-thon Q&A with Aidan Hurley, Riley kid, WHJE host and junior

Riley-a-thon Q&A with Aidan Hurley, Riley kid, WHJE host and junior

Nathan Huang

February 21, 2020

Why did you decide to promote Riley Dance Marathon?  I decided to make a podcast promoting Riley Dance Marathon because I thought it would be a great opportunity to utilize the people I know, like my doctors. I go to Riley every month, so I interviewed one of my doctors, and she gave a really great re...

WHJE to host first ever Riley-a-Thon,marathon broadcast to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital

Jesse Cooper, WHJE staff member and junior, practices broadcasting for the Riley-a-Thon on WHJE radio. Cooper said she hopes the Riley-a-Thon will continue as an annual event even after her graduation.

Christian Ledbetter

February 21, 2020

During the week of Dance Marathon, this Sunday to  next Saturday, viewers can tune in to WHJE for the first ever Riley-a-Thon. During Riley-a-Thon, WHJE will help raise funds for Dance Marathon and Riley Children’s Hospital through special broadcasts where it will invite kids from Riley to tell t...

Cabinet continues to plan for Card Tournament, Dance Marathon, achieves success with Zumba

Cabinet members have a discussion in the Cabinet SRT on Jan.16.

Aditi Kumar

February 15, 2020

Following its success with Zumba, Cabinet will turn its attention to its main event for February and the year: Dance Marathon. As part of their preparations for Dance Marathon, Cabinet held Auction Dinner on Feb. 8. Biaggi’s catered the dinner and BRICS provided dessert. The event raised funds by auc...

Cabinet wraps up semester with Smoothie Smashdown, Wrapping Drive, begins preparations for next semester

Cabinet members engage in discussion in their Cabinet SRT on Dec. 2. The final House meetings of the semester was on Dec. 4 for upperclassmen and Dec. 6 for freshmen.

Aditi Kumar

December 7, 2019

After their success with Runway for Riley and the garage sale, Cabinet will continue to plan its December events: Smoothie Smashdown and the Wrapping Drive. According to Speaker of the House Deion Ziwawo, attendance for both Runway for Riley and the garage sale exceeded Cabinet’s expectations for these events. “Runway for Riley wa...

Cabinet exceeds expectations with Trick-or-Treat for Riley, begins to plan for December events

A House committee explains their plans for an event during a House meeting in the freshmen cafeteria on Oct. 15

Aditi Kumar

November 16, 2019

Following its success with Trick-or-Treat for Riley, Cabinet will continue to plan for the garage sale and begin preparations for its December events. According to Speaker of the House Deion Ziwawo, families were grateful to have Trick-or-Treat for Riley to attend due to the weather forecast on Oct. 31. “Trick-or-Treat ...

Cabinet to organize auditions for Music for Miracles

House members meet in the freshmen cafeteria during SRT. The combined House meeting took place on March 20.

Christina Yang

March 27, 2019

According to speaker of the House Neil-Walker Simmons and Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff, during the week of March 25, the Music for Miracles committee will judge the auditions in preparations for the event that will take place on April 28 at 7 p.m. Wolff said, “We’ll audition musical talents from...

Q&A with junior Lisa Warren who uses personal business to fundraise for Dance Marathon

Junior Lisa Warren prepares to sew the fabric for the scrunchie.

Alina Yu

February 22, 2019

When did you join student government? I was never in student government in middle school, but freshman year, I joined House of Representatives, and then last year, I was also in House. I thought Senate might be fun and also a good way to get more involved, so I ran for Senate end of last year, and this...

Coquettes team finalizes choreography for Dance Marathon

Juniors and dancers Lexi Dungey (left) and Maddy Massa (right) have lunch together as team members. The girls try to balance school, dance and socialization. “I use the time I have to get things done and bond with my teammates, who quickly become close friends,” Massa said.

Hannah Gretz

February 19, 2019

At this school’s Dance Marathon annual event, the coquettes dance team performs for students participating. On Feb. 23, the team will be hitting the ‘stage’ once again. “They have to be able to perform turns, leaps, and kicks,” Head coach Sarah Wolff said. “The performance has to be clean...

Cabinet to organize Dance Marathon

House members meet in the freshmen cafeteria during SRT. The next House meeting will be Feb. 15

Christina Yang

February 15, 2019

According to speaker of the House Neil-Walker Simmons and Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff, Cabinet will spend most of its time preparing for its biggest event of the year, Dance Marathon (DM). Simmons said, “The best event of the year: (DM). It is a six-hour event from 4 to 10 p.m. (on Feb. 23) in th...