Cabinet to organize Easter egg hunt on March 25 at Murray Stadium for Carmel youth, families


Participants wave their phone flashlights at the CHS Dance Marathon on Feb. 25. The annual event, led and organized by Cabinet members, included color-coordinated groups, dancing, activities and a celebration of the record-breaking fundraiser. (Submitted Photo: Allie Wolf)

Jillian Moore

Cabinet members are organizing the annual Easter egg hunt, which will take place on March 25. They plan to dress up and hide eggs around Murray Stadium the morning of the event, which is open to kids and families.

According to Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff, Cabinet members are developing a new element to the egg hunt this year.

“Last year, we added a really fun component to (the Easter egg hunt) which was called Riley bunnies,” she said. “People could sign up, and we were the Easter bunny for them at their house in the middle of the night. Our kids went into their yards and they hid eggs for them, so the parents didn’t have to do that. It was really, really fun and there was a huge interest in that so we’re trying to bring that back and make that a little bit bigger this year.”

Speaker of the House Tomas Balcius said he hopes the momentum from the success of the CHS Dance Marathon on Feb. 25, which raised a nationwide high school record of over $600,000 for the Riley Hospital for Children, will carry over into the rest of the school year.

“We function well as an organization, but we’re always trying to work on improving attendance at all of our events. I’d say that’s probably our biggest focus,” he said.