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Jessica Pickett has played volleyball for 11 years. Pickett said her mom has influenced her and helped her find her love for the sport.

Athletes following in parents footsteps impacts performance in sports

Katie Maurer September 29, 2022

When senior Jessica Pickett started playing volleyball about 11 years ago, she was following in the footsteps of her mother, Cassy Pickett, and she said she discovered a sport that bound them both together.  On...

Principal Tim Phares sits in his office. Phares said he encourages connectedness at this school and hopes to see more student involvement in events.

Q&A: CHS Principal Tim Phares speaks on transition to this school, supporting CHS culture 

Chenyao Liu and Archit Kalra September 27, 2022

Why did you decide to become principal of CHS? COVID provided me an opportunity to kind of reflect and look at what I really value and what I love. And what I love is everything about buildings. Buildings...

Senior George Huang plays his tenor saxophone. Huang currently plays multiple instruments and enjoys exploring different genres of music.

Student musicians, band directors discuss playing music for multiple genre groups

Ayaan Nadeem and Rose Clark September 27, 2022

When a person begins their journey into music, many often encourage them to stay within their chosen genre. However, senior George Huang, who began to play the acoustic guitar at age 10, has a different...

Club Spotlight: Sprinkle of Joy

Club Spotlight: Sprinkle of Joy

Siri Surapaneni September 26, 2022

Annabelle Yang, Sprinkle of Joy President and senior What made you want to join this club initially? Before my freshman year, when I was looking at club lists, I really wanted to join a baking...

Junior Nick Basso goes for the ball during the game against Cathedral. Photo: Luke Miller

Carmel varsity men’s soccer to play Homestead in Make Good Decisions game Sept. 16

Addison Joyce September 15, 2022

The men’s varsity soccer team prepares to play at Homestead at 8 p.m. on Sept. 16. This game will be their “Pack the House Night” at Murray Stadium and is supporting the Make Good Decisions charity. Head...

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

Grace Guo September 14, 2022

A construction worker wraps plastic in the newly renovated Dale E. Graham auditorium on Sept. 1. According to Principal Tim Phares, the auditorium should reopen within the next few weeks.

Auditorium reopening soon as construction continues around CHS

Chenyao Liu and Archit Kalra September 12, 2022

The Dale E. Graham auditorium should reopen soon, according to Principal Tim Phares. “We are hopeful that a lot of the (construction projects) will start to open back up on time—for example, the auditorium,”...

Freshman Piper Rigney holds an outfit in front of her mirror. She said she feels the dress code restricts her choices.

New dress code not met without conflict

Jenny Li September 11, 2022

As this year slowly returns to normal, administrators at this have reworded, updated and worked to better the stated dress code policy. This year, the dress code has been updated to include clothes “worn...

Sophomore Jewel Wang sits in Midtown Plaza. The Chinese Mooncake Festival is set to take place in Midtown Plaza on Sept. 10. Wang said, “I can totally see why CCPL wants to host the event here; it’s the perfect space.”

CCPL to organize Chinese Mooncake Festival on Sept. 10

Pahal Sehgal September 7, 2022

On Saturday, Sept. 10, the Chinese Mooncake Festival is set to take place. This event, organized by the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL), will take place in Midtown Plaza. Dawn Boarman, organizer of...

Freshman Olivia Joyce dribbles the ball on Aug. 16, 2022 during a home game against South Bend St. Joe. The final score was 1-0. Photo: Maggie Meyer

Womens’ Varsity Soccer Plays Zionsville Lady Eagles Invite on Sept. 2 & 3

Safin Khatri September 2, 2022

The womans' varsity soccer team will play Sacred Heart, Ky. and Rocky River, Ohio at the Zionsville Lady Eagles Invite at the Zionsville Youth Soccer Association Field. CHS, as well as Sacred Heart and...

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