Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council to host Paws and Pages event

Josie Cruzan May 12, 2021
CMYC will host the Paws and Pages event on June 27 from 2 to 5 p.m. at the City Hall Gazebo.
Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson, looks at the schedule for the rest of the school year. She said other than the testing and classes occurring in the media center, there aren’t many other events scheduled for May.

Media center to have testing, classes, leading to less availability

Riley Laferriere April 29, 2021

The Media Center will host AP and IB testing along with health classes in their pods from April 23 until May 17 according to Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson. When talking...

Principal Tom Harmas (third from right) holds a plaque for senior Sarah Konrad (fourth from right) at the Top Scholar Recognition Ceremony on April 19. Harmas said he is glad to have the opportunity to recognize seniors, even if these events have to be modified to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines.

Rhea Acharya April 29, 2021

Principal Tom Harmas said one of his current priorities is honoring students and staff members through end-of-year celebrations, although these events will take place in an untraditional way due to COVID-19. He...

PTO organizes for Back to School Week

Sarah Zheng April 29, 2021

The PTO plans for next year since next year will be back full-time mode. The first thing the PTO is planning for a Back to School Transition week. PTO President Heather Cassady said, “We are planning...

CHTV to cover ceremonies

Christian Ledbetter April 29, 2021

CHTV has begun work on several projects before the year's end. CHTV will cover the National Honor Society recognition ceremony and CLASS awards as well as baseball and track sectionals. This happens as...

CCRC to host Community Scholarship Night, continue to assist students with college, career options

Darshini Shankar April 29, 2021

With seniors making college decisions and receiving news of scholarships, the College and Career Resource Center (CCRC) plans to host an event to offer multiple Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) scholarships...

Officer Blake Lytle poses for a headshot. Lytle said he will be attending conferences this summer.

School Resource Officers (SROs) plan for summer, end of school year

Calina He April 26, 2021

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS are planning for this year’s Carmel Police Teen Academy after not holding it in 2020 due to COVID-19, according to School Resource Officer Blake Lytle. “All...

Carmel Orchestras to record for ISSMA

Jasmine Zhang April 20, 2021

With ISSMA coming up, Carmel Orchestras plan to record for ISSMA this week. According to Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, the experience is similar to that of previous concerts. “All...

CMYC continues Carmel-themed podcast, international movie series

Josie Cruzan April 20, 2021
CMYC will continue its Carmel themed podcast and its international movie series.

Club Med to host guest speaker, plan for next school year

Olivia Stock April 17, 2021

According to Rineet Ranga, Club Med president and senior, Club Med will only have two more meetings this school year, including a guest speaker and a meeting to plan for next school year. He said the...

How AP history teachers are planning to review for AP exams

Karolena Zhou April 15, 2021

After the College Board's announcement that AP exams will return to their traditional format this year, many students have started to review content for upcoming exams. This year, the AP U.S. History exam...

Superintendent Michael Beresford sits in his office. He said the CCS board passed a resolution opposing Indiana House Bill 1005, a proponent of education savings accounts and voucher expansion, which would result in decreased funding for public schools.

Beresford speaks up in support of Asian community at CCS, board opposes IN HB 1005

Grace Xu April 14, 2021
CCS board passed a resolution opposing IN HB 1005, a proponent of education savings accounts and voucher expansion, which would result in decreased funding for public schools. (See CCS tweets for more info!)
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