Media center to have testing, classes, leading to less availability


Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson, looks at the schedule for the rest of the school year. She said other than the testing and classes occurring in the media center, there aren’t many other events scheduled for May.

Riley Laferriere

The Media Center will host AP and IB testing along with health classes in their pods from April 23 until May 17 according to Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson.

When talking about the availability of the media center, Ramos said the center does not plan to close, but will be more full than usual. She also said it may be an issue for students who chose to eat in the media center. “It will definitely be (harder to find spots for lunch) because the pods will be closed,” Ramos said. “For most lunches– well for all of them, really– (the pods) will (all) be taken. There will definitely be fewer seats.”

Ava Kinney, media center user and freshman, said even though she doesn’t eat lunch in the media center, she can see why this would be an issue for those that do. “I assume some of them will prefer to move to the greyhound cafeteria or varsity gym to have more space,” Kinney said via email.

Ramos also said there are some smaller events occurring in the media center. She said the Outstanding Senior Awards will occur on May 3 in the media center, and new displays will be appearing as well.

Among these displays, she said one of the biggest displays is for school library month. “(It) is actually for April, but because of everything that’s going on it’s just going up now,” Ramos said. “This is our month so we’re putting up a display on how we make connections through the school and through the library, that kind of thing.”

Kinney said via email, “I think (the displays) are really nice and colorful. (They) make the media center look more welcoming and student-friendly.”