Members of Economics Club to begin independent study


Alanna Wu

Economics Club sponsor Michelle Foutz finishes work at her desk. Foutz said she currently has very little work to do regarding Economics Club, as most students are now beginning their self-study.​

Members of Economics Club are beginning independent study in order to prepare for a test during second semester that will determine whether members compete on the AP or regular team. The exact date of the test is still undecided.

Economics Club sponsor Michelle Foutz said she is planning to give the test during second semester because she wants members to finish their independent study before she decides which team they should compete on.

“Some people are in (Economics) right now, so we’ll start testing once they know it. And some people are doing some self-study, so we need to give them some time to read,” Foutz said.

Via email, Michael Wang, returning member of Economics Club and senior, said the test is important because many people want to compete in the AP division, leaving only a couple of people who are willing to compete in the regular division.

“A number of people (are) interested in participating in the (AP) division, but we didn’t have many people at this point thinking about (the regular) division,” Wang said.