Challenge Club to challenge Club Med

Kris Otten

Following a loss in their challenge against UNICEF Club for Trick or Treat for UNICEF, Challenge Club members have scheduled a challenge against Club Med on January 9.

According to Jackson Holforty, club president and senior, the challenge against Club Med will be a rematch of last year’s challenge. Challenge Club members will play Club Med members in a board game of Operation.

In their challenge against UNICEF Club, the Challenge Club raised over $400, but UNICEF Club pulled ahead, raising about $600. Despite losing the challenge, Holforty said Challenge Club members are still very happy with the amount of money they raised for Trick or Treat for UNICEF.

“I mean (we raised) over a thousand together, we are really proud to be able to accomplish that,” Holforty said.

The Challenge Club’s score for the year is at 0-3 and although it is worse than it was last year, Holforty said he remains hopeful they will win more challenges soon.

Regardless of the losses, Challenge Club sponsor Laurie Backes said she believes the Challenge Club is a great opportunity for students to become more active in school.

“It is perfect for any student to become involved and it is a fun way to meet new friends and learn about other clubs,” Backes said.