Winter Intramurals to continue games every monday


Hayden Silverman, intramural player and junior, participates in a intramural game on Feb. 6. Silverman’s team is one of 42 participating in the intramural program this year.

The winter intramural program at CHS is underway with intramural basketball games taking place every Monday. The games take place in the fieldhouse with three different time slots from 6p.m. to 9p.m. This season began games in January and will continue until the tournament ends in May.

According to Drew Seketa, member of the intramural board and senior, more teams will participate in winter intramurals than past years, so although each team will have fewer games there will be more students participating this year than ever before.

According to intramurals sponsor Mike Meyer, the intramurals program is excited to have such a high level of participation, in fact Meyer said, “The reality is, our goal is to drive as many kids to be active and involved in Carmel High School as possible.”