Café Construction: DECA to renovate current café and work with architects on new design

During SRT, sophomore Thomas Dziwlik makes coffee for café customers. Drew Seketa, DECA president and senior, said the new café will allow students to enjoy their drinks sitting down in the café.

Adhi Ramkumar, Reporter

March 17, 2017

Café Construction DECA to renovate current café, work with architects on new design The current Carmel café will be undergoing renovation and construction beginning in May and lasting until August when school will start. Students and faculty are currently discussing designs with the architects who will be involved with this project. Andrew "Drew" Seketa,...

Winter Intramurals to continue games every monday

Hayden Silverman, intramural player and junior, participates in a intramural game on Feb. 6. Silverman’s team is one of 42 participating in the intramural program this year.

Alina Husain, Sports Reporter

February 10, 2017

The winter intramural program at CHS is underway with intramural basketball games taking place every Monday. The games take place in the fieldhouse with three different time slots from 6p.m. to 9p.m. This season began games in January and will continue until the tournament ends in May. According to...

DECA President Drew Seketa adjusts goals for leadership and DECA as a whole this year

DECA President Drew Seketa plans DECA reforms for the school year. This is the first year Carmel DECA is its own district and DECA hours will exist.

Emily Dexter, Perspectives Copy Editor

September 16, 2016

Because the CHS DECA chapter is now its own competitive district this year, the club has begun to make numerous changes to its leadership and alter the way it’s run. The CHS chapter became its own district, as opposed to remaining in a district with other schools, due to its status as the largest chapter...

Intramurals Semifinals and Finals to start soon


February 4, 2015

Currently, Intramurals are in the middle of basketball season. Intramurals are getting ready for the start of the semifinal and final matches. Assuming there are no delays, the semifinal and final rounds will start during the week before spring break. Mike Meyer, Intramurals sponsor, said, "I doubt...

Record number of middle schoolers attend CHS for advanced math, science courses

PROBLEM SOLVER: Eighth-grader Anthony Ji works on an assignment in his pre-calculus class. Ji is one of 19 middle schoolers who come here for advanced math and science classes that are not offered at the middle schools. AMIRA MALCOM / PHOTO


November 16, 2012

The number of eighth graders coming to CHS to take a math class has increased over the years. This year, 19 students are here, and, according to counselor Linda Skafish, that number is expected to rise next year. Skafish said that the head counseling department for the school district won’t an...