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A Taste of the West

West Coast-inspired restaurant Main Street Poké to open this month

Michelle Yin, News Reporter

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In May, Main Street Poké will open on 110 W. Main St., Suite 106. It will feature poké (poh•kay), in a serving style similar to a Chipotle. Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish consisting of diced raw fish, usually yellowfin tuna, and occasionally rice and seasonings such as candlenut. Bowls are expected to cost around $15 to $20.

Brinna Voege, owner of Vitality Bowls and now Main Street Poké (MSP), said she was inspired to open a poké restaurant in Carmel after her travels in California, where she ate poké frequently. However, she found as she returned to Carmel that Indiana did not have a similar dish.

“Arriving home from my travels, I found myself in dire need of a poké bowl. In this experience lies my inspiration to bring this food concept to my hometown,” Voege said. “I’m so excited to share it with my neighbors and friends.”

Voege said she believes MSP’s main appeal to Carmel is its unique, customizable dishes as well as its connection to Carmel.

“I believe that Main Street Poké will appeal to Carmel because it’s healthy and trendy. It’s also locally owned and operated. MSP is also appealing because, no offense, but fast food, bar food—it gets old,” she said.

Senior Yunping Wang said she thinks the restaurant will be successful, given the appeal of raw fish at CHS.

“Sushi is really popular on Fridays so people would probably like (poké),” Wang said.

Voege said while she will retain a few features of the original dish, she plans to add new toppings that connect with the Midwest like chicken and beef.

“We will always stay true to the food by using the freshest fish (and) veggies and innovating with delicious homemade sauces,” she said.

Wang also said the location is convenient. Located just ten minutes from CHS by foot, MSP offers students the choice to quickly get something to eat. Additionally, Wang said she likes the style of the restaurant, which she said she thought would allow people to express themselves.

Furthermore, Voege said her mission for her two restaurants is to create an experience for patrons and to unite people through food.

She said, “Whether it’s a delicious acaí bowl on a hot summer day or a fresh-caught salmon poké bowl on a night out with friends, Main Street in Carmel will be the place to create beautiful memories while enjoying beautiful food.”

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