Athletes transfer from other schools for better opportunities


    Varsity tennis player and sophomore, Presley Thieneman, volleys the ball during a match against Guerin Catholic High School. Thieneman said he has had a easy transition to CHS.

    As each year passes, CHS athletic teams add more State Championships to part of their hundreds of accolades, and with those accolades, comes new athlete transfers as well. After an overwhelming seven State Championships last year, athletes from different schools have joined Carmel this year in hopes they will succeed and create a better name for themselves.

    This year, the men’s tennis team added sophomore Presley Thieneman, a five-star recruit. Thieneman said,  “I am adjusting well to the team so far. I knew some of the guys previously, so that helps a lot, but it’s nice to be on a team this high caliber that helps me get better every day.”

    Before joining this school, Thieneman attended Trinity High School in Louisville, Ky., a prominent rival. There, he gained experience as a player and won the Hannah Belsinger Award, which is annually given to one male and female tennis player in Kentucky.

    Thieneman’s arrival has given the team another high-level athlete as players continue their success from last year’s State Championship.

    “The addition of Presley Thieneman has really helped us a lot, because we lost a couple good seniors this year, in Jay Natarajan(‘17) and Ethan McAndrews(‘17), and he has kind of given us the extra confidence we need to compete at as high as a level that we did last year,” Timmy Dixon, varsity tennis player and junior, said.

    Head Coach Spencer Fields said he is delighted with Thieneman’s presence this year. Fields said, “As Presley came in, it worked out well for the team since he came in at a Number-2 singles spot, making our lineup more versatile and making all of our singles’ players very good in Patrick Fletchall, Presley Thieneman and Nishanth Basavareddy.”

    Thieneman said he hopes to be better-recruited at Carmel than he was during previous few years at Trinity. “I do feel like it is better for colleges to look at me here, at Carmel, just because it is such a powerhouse,” he said. “I mean with so many state titles, so many accomplishments, it is cool to be a part of a school like this.”

    Schools like North Central and Park Tudor, are also recognized as dominant tennis schools; however, Thieneman believes Carmel has a competitive edge over these schools due to the coaching staff and players.

    Varsity tennis player and sophomore, Presley Thieneman, volleys the ball during a match against Guerin Catholic High School. Thieneman said he has had a easy transition to CHS.
    Satvik Kandru | Photo

    Another high-level transfer is (‘20) Cole Brevard, who came from Brebeuf High School to play football, specifically defensive tackle. Ranked as a top 60 player in Indiana, Brevard said he is having a good season and is bonding well with his new teammates.

    “Coming out of Brebeuf, I needed a better and more financially feasible school for me to attend; this was one of my options and I could not be happier here,” said Brevard.

    Brevard said he has enjoyed experiences on and off the field.

    “This is the first coaching system and team that I have been apart of that I’ve been treated more than a big body. They care about my overall development and I’m grateful,” Brevard said.

    Brevard also said he will be better recruited at Carmel. He said, “At the end of the day, schools will look at your performance and who you played, and with Brebeuf being a smaller school, it’s almost obvious to see that now, since I am playing in the ( Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference), it should help my chances to play at a better college.”

    Another football transfer is (‘19) Ryan Tilev, a defensive end coming from Cathedral High School.

    “The people out here are really special. The football team really welcomed me this year and I had a good summer with the basketball team and I can’t wait for what is to come,” Tilev said.

    Tilev said he believes he will enjoy athletics at Carmel. “At Cathedral, we did not have as much depth as they do here at Carmel. Some rosters couldn’t even be filled, while here, you have seven guys that could start at that same position any given day,” Tilev said.

    Another athlete that transferred is (‘19) Robert “Brady” Firenze, a high-level cross country runner who came from Brebeuf.

    Firenze said his friends and family are part of the reason he transferred this year, along with the great cross country-program. He said, “The program here is part of what made me come here, a lot of my friends were here too, It was kind of a win-win situation to be honest.”

    “Carmel is obviously a top-level program and the level of preparation and coaching they offer here is unmatched throughout the state,” Firenze said. “Already in the first couple of weeks I can feel that this is the right place to become the best runner I can be.”