The volleyball team has a home game Sept. 11

Kelly Truax, Staff Member

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   The game will take place in the varsity gym at 6:30 p.m. and will be against Westfield high school. The team has been preparing for their game during practices this week. They’ve been focusing on serving and working together as a team.

    Volleyball player and junior Macy Berglund said that the team has been working on working together so that it improves their playing. “This past week we’ve been really focusing on working together as a team. We want to be more successful than we have been so far in the season, so we’ve decided we should start going about practicing in a way where we can figure out how to get better on the court,” Berglund said.

    Head coach Reynae Pierce has had the team work on their serves in order to take the opponent’s offense out of the system with a bad first pass. “We’ve really been focusing on serving and using our serves as a weapon, being aggressive with it and making it an offensive thing rather than just kind of getting the ball over the net. (The team) has also been working on serve receive and ball control. When we are playing our best our serve receive is pretty on point,” Pierce said.

    Berglund said that one of the things she’s looking forward to is seeing her and her team improve. Berglund said, “I’m most looking forward to seeing all of us improve immensely, like we have been, and proving everyone who didn’t believe in us wrong.”