Reaching to the End: Women’s tennis team to compete in state after end of school year, players, coach break down elements of motivation

The women’s tennis team huddles up before a match against Cathedral on April 23. Head coach Bryan Hanan said the team is a strong group that both alone and together push each other to improve. “A lot of our kids are very self-motivated; we have a lot of competition here,” Hanan said.

Kelly Truax

May 23, 2019

If the women's tennis team makes it to State, the team will be competing on June 7 and 8. The tournament starts eight days after the end of the school year, making motivation a topic for team discussion. Head Coach Bryan Hanan said the team has had an overall good season, but the loss of two games h...

Women’s lacrosse team to play Hinsdale Central on April 27.

Mary Rose Ramsey, women's lacrosse player and senior, runs toward the goal with the ball as lacrosse team players follow. The team won against Cathedral 13-9.

Kelly Truax

April 23, 2019

The game will start at 2 p.m. at Murray Stadium. The team worked on different fundamentals during practice in preparation for the game. Kara Koch women’s lacrosse player and senior explained the different drills. “We’ve been working on basic skills like catching, throwing, ground balls and stuff lik...

The Key to Recovery: Student athletes, local wellness center stress importance of cryotherapy, post-recovery treatment

Caleb Shaffer

April 19, 2019

Sports cryotherapy and recovery are used by various athletes across the nation, and are used frequently by athletes at CHS. A few of the athletes at CHS receive their post-recovery treatment at The Recovery Room, a wellness center with locations in Westfield and Carmel, that specializes in treating sor...

A New Step Up: With recent change in women’s lacrosse head coach, internal promotion trend continues

Kelly Truax

March 22, 2019

Joshua Miller, new women's lacrosse head coach, is the latest in a long trend of assistant coaches to take the head coach position when there is an opening. This trend also occurred in the past few years in tennis, volleyball, basketball and football. Despite the prevalence of this trend, Athletics Director Jim Inskeep said t...

Earning Honor; Athletics department defines meaning of varsity letter, ways of obtaining one

Award Acceptance:
Sloan Goldblatt, football player and senior, poses with his father after receiving his varsity letter. Goldblatt said the varsity letter was a goal and represented leadership and hard work.

Jess Canaley

March 22, 2019

Earning a varsity letter at  any school represents hard work and athletic talent. At CHS, student athletes involved in both Indiana High School Athletics Association (IHSAA) sports as well as Unified Sports have the opportunity to earn a letter. Senior Sloan Goldblatt has played football for 13 years ...

Going the Extra Mile: Carmel runners prepare in various ways for Indy Mini Marathon this May

Pushing forward:
Yael Kiser and Mia Bruder, track athletes and sophomores, jog to warm up for their training. By running together, the two athletes motivated each other to keep running.

Sarah Kim

February 22, 2019

Even for student athletes who participate in cross-country and track, running a distance as long as 13.1 miles can seem quite daunting. This is the case for Mia Bruder, cross-country runner and sophomore. Bruder started running for CHS in her freshman year and developed a love for the sport. With e...

Wrestle with this: As success of CHS wrestling team continues to grow, athletes share insight on physicality of wrestling

Head to head: Wrestler and sophomore Jacob Smith goes against wrestler and senior Cameron Bacon during practice on Feb. 13. The wrestling team went to state on Feb. 16.

Jess Canaley

February 22, 2019

Not only is wrestling the oldest sport on Earth, dating back to cave drawings from 3,000 B.C, but it is also considered one of the most physical sports on the planet. According to LiveStrong, wrestling is in the top 10 list of most physical sports. Both physical and mental preparation peak during wr...

Winter Cheerleading will encourage the men’s basketball team as they play Fort Wayne Dwenger on Feb. 22

Winter cheerleading holds a pose on Feb. 8. The team cheered on the men's basketball team as they won against Hamilton South Eastern.

Kelly Truax

February 21, 2019

The men’s basketball game will be held at home in the varsity gym and the game will start at 7:30 p.m. The game will also be the men’s basketball team’s senior night. Nicole Vetter, blue winter cheerleading team head coach, said she created a goal for her team to reach throughout the season. ...

Winter Cheerleading team’s kids clinic is rescheduled for Feb 16

Members of the gold winter cheerleading team practice basketball cheers for games. The gold team alternated with the blue team, cheering for the men's and women's varsity games throughout the season. 
Tweet: Come see elementary school students perform a cheer before the men's basketball game at home on Feb 16.

Kelly Truax

February 10, 2019

Due to recent weather, the winter cheerleading team rescheduled their kids clinic event, originally scheduled for Jan 19, to Feb 16. Elie Anania, gold winter cheerleader and junior, will be helping at the event. “Our biggest event, it was supposed to be this past weekend, but it got postponed beca...

Winter Cheerleading to support the women’s basketball team as they compete in regionals on Feb. 9

Winter cheer team practices a group cheer to perform at games. They were holding this pose to clean the move and make their cheer look more unison.

Kelly Truax

February 7, 2019

The women’s basketball game will start at 8 p.m. at Kokomo high school. The blue winter cheer team has been preparing for the event during practices this week. Nicole Vetter, blue winter cheer team head coach, explained what a typical game schedule is for the team. “For a home game, we’ll get here...