Winter Cheerleading team’s kids clinic is rescheduled for Feb 16


Nick Beckman

Members of the gold winter cheerleading team practice basketball cheers for games. The gold team alternated with the blue team, cheering for the men’s and women’s varsity games throughout the season. Tweet: Come see elementary school students perform a cheer before the men’s basketball game at home on Feb 16.

Kelly Truax

Due to recent weather, the winter cheerleading team rescheduled their kids clinic event, originally scheduled for Jan 19, to Feb 16. Elie Anania, gold winter cheerleader and junior, will be helping at the event.

“Our biggest event, it was supposed to be this past weekend, but it got postponed because of all the snow. It’s our kids clinic, where we teach kindergarten through fifth grade (students) cheers, and then they perform before the varsity game,” Anania said.

The children will perform on Feb 16 in the varsity gymnasium at 7:30 p.m., before the varsity men’s basketball game against Warsaw High School. Nicole Vetter, blue winter cheerleading head coach, said this past week during practice, the team prepared for the clinic.

“So we’ve been working on what we’re going to teach the kids, but also different skills, whether it’s tumbling or pyramids, that we will use (during our) half time (performance) of the clinic game,” Vetter said.

The team is also preparing for the rest of the men’s and women’s basketball seasons.

Vetter said, “We have mostly just playoffs left for both the (women’s and men’s) basketball teams. Hopefully the (men’s) basketball team will make it far, so that will be exciting.”